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Dyhydromatics Technology Test and Process Development

Dyhydromatics and Delphi Scientific are working together to bring you 65 years of combined high pressure processing experience and knowledge to help you make your best product with the least amount of effort using the highly efficient Dyhydromatics high pressure processors.

Dyhydromatics provides the processing equipment while Delphi Scientific provide the product chemistry, molecular and interfacial intricacy expertise along with product efficacy understanding like no other company can bring to you.

Throughout the process of helping you develop an understanding of the limitations and introducing improvements to your product and process, the interplay with equipment capabilities has proven to be an unrivaled success for customers who choose to collaborate with of our team.

If you want to learn is how your current product will be processed and/or improved by Dyhydromatics technology, we offer a FREE DAY at our laboratory in Maynard, MA. You will receive a complimentary report with suggestions for process or equipment improvement to help you achieve your goals. Complete our Dyhydromatics Technology Test form and return it to David Gucwa at:

About our friends at Delphi:

Thomai “Mimi” Panagiotou, Ph.D., Co-Founder, President and CEO
Prof. Robert Fisher, Co-Founder, virtual CTO

Delphi Scientific utilizes particle engineering to enhance or enable the delivery of pharmaceuticals and biologics. The company employs a novel and proprietary toolbox that includes award winning technologies, and is used to affect all critical aspects in the development and production of formulations with nano- and micron- size particles: (a) material/chemistry, (b) process integration, and (c) customized hardware for pharmaceutical manufacturing. Key areas of our expertise include:

  • Formulation development
  • Suspensions, emulsions, liposomes, polymer particles, crystalline and amorphous particles
  • Process development and scale up
  • Homogenization, aseptic processing, crystallization, spray drying, nanoencapsulation, reaction and transport processes
  • CMC, regulatory compliance, continuous manufacturing and PAT control
  • Control release from combination products
  • Micro-reactor technology
  • Intellectual property

Delphi Scientific has had close collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotech companies worldwide. Past expertise includes development and manufacturing of a wide variety of formulations in terms of indication, delivery method and types of materials, including:

  • Cancer drugs, vaccines, anesthetics, oculars, anti-inflammatory/NSAIDs
  • Injectables, inhalables, ocular, transdermals, orals
  • Small molecules, biologics, nucleic acid therapeutics
  • Micro- into- macro for medical devices and nutrition

More information about Delphi Scientific may be obtained by calling them at 617-669-5910.

If you would like to see a Dyhydromatics PL300 or PSI-20 in action or try your product on them to explore what the technology can do for you, complete our Dyhydromatics Technology Test form and return it to David Gucwa at: Please call 978-461-0200 to discuss your product or project need and set up a visit schedule.

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