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reconditioning your laboratory and production equipment

Order Parts for your Processing Equipment

Dyhydromatics provides time tested parts and procedures to ensure your laboratory and production machinery are operating to their highest possible capability.

Dyhydromatics stocks a thorough inventory of parts to service laboratory and production sized high pressure processing equipment. Items like seals and gaskets to pneumatic, hydraulic and high pressure components (standard and pharmaceutical grade) are available through our Customer Service department.

Testimonial for interactions with Dyhydromatics products and employees:

"We began interacting with Dyhydromatics for the first time in 2016. Our initial interest in the company was due to their wide selection of reaction chambers ™ at very competitive prices. Since that time, we have not only purchased a new reaction chamber ™ but also a wide variety of replacement parts. All of the parts have been high quality and compatible with the microfluidics processor we own. The best part of working with Dyhydromatics is their customer service. The employees not only have a broad, technical knowledge base but they are also easy to reach over the phone or email and provide unprecedented assistance."

-- Mecozzi Lab Employees, University of Wisconsin-Madison

We are the only source of Dyhydromatics LONG-LIFE manufactured parts.

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Dyhydromatics plunger seals are designed to minimize wear and reduce seal “burn” failures common on high pressure processing positive displacement intensifier pumps. They are available in standard materials or USP Class 6 certified materials.


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