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November 14, 2016, Maynard, MA -

Dyhydromatics is pleased to announce the addition of new high shear fluid processors to its portfolio. As exclusive distributor for North America, South America, and Canada, Dyhydromatics is selling the PSI-20 and PSI-40 processors from PSI-Instruments in the Netherlands.

The PSI-20 and PSI-40 offer the highest shear rates and throughput of high shear homogenizers. The quiet operation and efficient near-constant pressure makes this equipment the ideal solution for particle size reduction in the pharmaceutical, chemical, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and other industries requiring stable product with long shelf-life.

The PSI models are fitted with a stainless steel infeed reservoir or manifold for off machine premix feed systems while the HP piping system includes mechanical gauge pressure indication, diamond Reaction Chamber and Reaction Chamber (Backpressure) with an enclosed heat exchanger providing efficient product temperature control.

The PSI processors come standard with an intuitive user interface and built-in data acquisition capabilities. Accessories and options are available to improve customer compliance and processing procedures, like GMP and CFR21 Part 11 compliant record handling, remote control, NIST traceable or calibrated temperature and pressure sensors.

“Dyhydromatics has been servicing high-shear processors since our inception, but we've been looking to expand into the equipment market for the past several months,” said David Hunter, President and CEO of Dyhydromatics. “Our technicians work on homogenizers from Microfluidics, Avestin, Beei, Gaulin and others, and that won't change, but for those companies looking for high performance alternatives, we could not be more excited than to offer the PSI product line.”

Dyhydromatics has a combined 65 years of technical experience with high shear processors. Dyhydromatics technicians provide maintenance and service, and the company offers a full line of replacement parts it manufactures to the highest standards. Through its partnerships, Dyhydromatics also offers Process Development and Proof of Concept services. For more information, visit the Dyhydromatics website at


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